The Best of Dubai SEO Company Can Promote Your Business Online

Choosing an intelligent agency for SEO promotion is difficult, especially if you have never dealt with it. You can read reviews and study ratings, but these are only indirect factors for choosing a contractor. For example, reviews are easy to buy, and some ratings are created by the companies themselves. You can see the ratings, but they will only help you make a list of companies that you will need to study in depth on your own, but no more. 

We want you to immediately find the “same” agency, and not spend time and money on companies that will not bring results. Therefore, we have compiled a list of 14 criteria that will help you easily choose an honest and efficient contractor. This is what you need from the SEO agency Dubai.

They offer comprehensive promotion

SEO is good, but even better if the agency can offer you a complete solution. This can be a promotion in social networks (SMM), content marketing, email distribution, contextual advertising, etc. All these channels reinforce each other and work towards the achievement of business goals in the form of bids and sales.

Experts will be able to choose the channels that are suitable for your particular business. They won’t insist on SEO just because they can’t do anything else. 

If there is an integrated approach, it means that the agency has its own usability specialists, marketers, copywriters, etc. It is somehow calmer when experts, but not graduate students, work on the site. 

A good agency will never offer a typical SEO. All businesses are different, so the promotion strategy will be different. 

How to check: 

Experts should choose the channels that are appropriate for your business. They won’t insist on SEO just because they can’t do anything else.

2. Your main business objectives for them

The agency should not hide positions. If professionals work there, then you will be made an offer that is aimed at increasing the number of applications. By the way, you have every right to ask for a payback calculation for SEO work, and the agency will provide it. 

Does the manager refuse to consider payback? This is a reason to think seriously and even refuse to cooperate. With further promotion, such an agency will not think about whether it reaches your business goals in the form of bids and sales. It will do SEO for SEO. 

How to check: 

Before embarking on a promotion, specialists should request the following minimum information from you: 

  • Access to counters to conduct an analysis of current progress. 
  • Business goals, objectives, plan for the next 1-2 years. 
  • The goals you want to achieve with the promotion. 
  • Segments of the target audience.