Sub solution – is it really the best fake urine?

Clear choice Sub Solution is one of a kind synthetic urine formula. Its premium brand of synthetic urine and it is been around for a few years and has a great reputation for passing drug tests. Clear choice Sub-Solution is the closest you can obtain to the real obsession as it holds the 2 most vital contents of any product. The sub solution comprises of urea and other 11 components that makes the fake urine as much real as human urine. Compared to other leading brands clear choice sub solution review has earned huge customer base who vouch for its 100% proven record of accomplishment in passing all drug tests. Sub solution review tells us you can activate the solution with mix-in heat activator that will warm your sample to body temperature in as little as 30 seconds, without the use of any external heating elements. If you want bring out, then your forged pee should be ideally be at body heat when you give during your tests. Most other synthetic urine mixes require being fiery in a microwave by attaching later a hand warmer to the bottle. What sets apart Sub-solution from other brand is the unique formula to heat to the body temperature while remaining undetectable in a lab. It is safe to say reading all sub solution review that the clear choice brand is the best in the fake urine market. You can read more on

What are the risks of using fake pee?

People buy fake urine to cheat drug screening, but imagine a situation where you have to get a job and you have your drug screen appointment. Sometimes fake pee does work and sometimes it does not. Sub solution review is revelation from users where some say they have passed while some record disappointing experience.  Even the most reliable fake pee products are extremely risky. If the deceiver does not mix the solution properly, heat it and hide it, the ruse may be revealed. This could likely tarnish your reputation, image and your job interview process. In some states in US, they even impose hefty fine on culprits. Labs are aware of the rise in use of synthetic sub solution. They have chosen to upgrade their testing methods. Hair and oral testing are being implemented adjunct to urine sample testing. If you are hoping to pass a drug test then why not consider 100% drug free lifestyle. That is 100% guarantee to pass drug test without any mess.