Gaming review of Windows Pro and Home Versions

As Windows 10 gears up for another major update for 2018, the question of windows home vs pro for gaming has come to the light again. Many of us are using either of two versions of Windows 10. While this upgrade has got a whole lot of new features staring with the return of start menu and the convenient navigation pane for the user. Windows has also packed in a digital assistant “Cortana” for user accessibility. The action centre has also undergone upgrades and displays tons of options with plenty of commands. This ensures ease of access to all the settings.

As usual with all the major upgrades, there is an improved and faster booting time and performance improvement with a user friendly navigation compared to previous versions. It’s a really good upgrade to use and easier for even the most basic users.

Coming to upgrade versions being either home or pro can be rather chosen based upon user preference and the primary application of the computer. When upgrading automatically from the previous versions of windows 7 and 8, it will auto-select the version based upon your current version. So, if a user has a windows 8.1 pro PC, it will automatically be upgraded to the windows 10 pro version. Although the differences are subtle but there is a significant rise in price. The main features that will come with pro version that aren’t found in home versions are:

  • Domain Join
  • Group Policy Management
  • BitLocker
  • EMEI
  • Client Hyper-v
  • Assigned Access 8.1
  • Remote Desktop


When it comes to gaming, windows home vs pro for gaming debate, there isn’t much of a significant difference. The advance controls displayed with analytical features allow the users to tweak performance issues and may just marginally increase the performance of the CPU. When actually speculated, the abstract coming out is that the pro version appeals more to the business oriented people offering more features and security layers rather than a gamer. In fact, it can actually have an opposite effect on gaming although the performance varies from game to game and also on the processor and graphic unit of the PC.

Hence, it can actually be said that pro version isn’t much different in terms of gaming when compared to the home version. In fact, the home version manages to match the pro performance rather well. Purchasing a pro version shall cost you $199 and the Home version $119.